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David Stearns Pool Service
105 Dolphin Blvd. E
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082-1714
(904) 486-6107

What makes David's Pool Service a premium cleaning service?

Our rates are very competitive with other local companies and we provide a premium level of service. Most swimming pool cleaning is $125 to $150 a month for weekly service, which includes chemicals. Larger pools or pools with more features may be more. Smaller pools, or spas may be less.

We add products such as phosphate remover, algicide, Pool Perfect enzyme, Jack's Magic Surface Cleaner, alkalinity and pH increase, muriatic acid, salt (if salt pool) and Scale Free metal control at no extra charge. We soak and renew filter cartridges off site at no charge. We repair automatic pool cleaners for the cost of the parts. We can sell you non repair related parts such as o-rings, filter cartridges, and pump baskets, for slightly above wholesale cost. We provide occasional courtesy visits at no charge. Our service tech will come by to analyze a problem at no charge. We typically spend more time cleaning your pool than most other services. We keep our customers in the loop about pool and equipment condition and needs. We stay current with industry standards through newsletters and education programs. By charging you a flat rate, you know what your bill will be every month, aside from replacement parts, repairs, or incident clean up. Some companies charge by the visit and for chemicals added to your pool.

If you are looking for the cheapest service, we are not for you. Scrimping on pool care usually results in algae, bacteria, pool finish deterioration, and equipment failure. Swimming pools need to be serviced at least once a week. We do not do bi-weekly or any other regularly scheduled cleaning besides weekly.

We charge $35 an hour (1 person) or $50 an hour (2 persons), plus the cost of chemicals, for all work besides routine cleaning.

If you are looking for a high quality pool cleaning service at a reasonable price, give us a call at (904) 486-6107.