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Pool Safety

Keep gates and doors to pool secured to prevent accidental drowning.
Dive only where it is deep enough to be safe.
Know how to help someone in trouble with a reaching or throwing assist.
Avoid glass containers around pool.
Supervise young children. Teach all children to swim.
Avoid running on slippery decks.
Know basic first aid and CPR. Have a first aid kit handy.
Don't swim during an electrical storm.
Don't eat or chew gum while swimming to avoid choking.
Use sunscreen, wear a hat and quality sunglasses.
Take precautions to prevent ear infections.
Don't swim strenuously after a heavy meal. The danger is from muscle cramping.
Make sure slides, ladders, diving boards, etc., are secured and safe.
Make sure drain grates are in place. Avoid entrapment from all suction openings.
Know how to treat a fecal accident.
Don't jump on a boogie board in the pool from the deck.
Wear goggles for extended time in the pool. Even clean, balanced water will wash out the eyes' natural lubricant.
Dry out ears with tissue after swimming and apply a 50/50 mixture of alcohol and vinegar using an eyedropper to each ear, to dry out water and prevent infection.