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Why Is It Important to Net the Pool After Mowing the Grass?

Whether you mow your own lawn or pay to have it done, the surface of the pool should be netted immediately after mowing. It's not necessary to get every blade of grass, if you can skim most of the grass clippings, that is sufficient. These are the reasons this is important:

1. Your pool will be cleaner. Grass clippings float on the surface of the pool until they become saturated with water. Then they slowly sink to the bottom. It may take several days for the clippings to settle to the bottom of the pool. While they are in suspension in the middle of the pool water, they are practically impossible to remove.
2. Grass clippings contain fertilizer, pesticides, and other lawn chemicals. These leach out of the clippings into the pool water. Fertilizer accelerates plant growth. Algae is a plant and is constantly being introduced to the pool by wind, rain, and grass clippings, among other things. Grass clippings in the pool contribute to algae growth in the pool. Grass clippings can also cause stains on the bottom of the pool.
3. Lawn clippings in the pool can cause you to spend more money on pool chemicals. Algae growth consumes chlorine and other lawn chemicals can upset the pH and total alkalinity balance, as well as add metals and total dissolved solids.
4. Lawn clippings can clog the pump basket causing expensive pump and motor repairs.
Use a blower to push the floating debris to one end of the pool. Blow with the prevailing wind.
It's almost impossible not to get grass clippings into a non enclosed pool when the lawn is close by. If you or your yard service can net most of the clippings after mowing, your pool will be cleaner and you will save money.

*Note to lawn service operators - Some yard service personnel are more conscientious than others about keeping yard debris out of the pool. Some operators believe that it is not their job to skim the pool after service. Some feel they don't have time.
My belief is that if you make a mess, you should clean it up. If the service blows off the deck and driveway, why not net the surface of the pool? It takes less than 5 minutes, particularly if a blower is used to push floating debris to one end of the pool.
Beliefs aside, the fact is that bad things can happen to the pool if it isn't netted immediately after yard service. The pool will be dirty and can cost the customer money in increased chemical use, and can cause staining.
Pool service operators and lawn service operators are both in the business of serving their customers.