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Green Pool Cleanup

* Remove as much physical debris as you can from the pool, on the surface and on the bottom. A Piranha pool net is very useful. This may take several sessions as debris is stirred up into suspension when it is scooped off the bottom. It may take an hour to return to the pool floor. Keep at it until your net contains less and less debris
* It is possible to drain your pool and clean it. This is a job for experts, as you could pop your pool out of the ground by draining it
* Clean the pump basket, check the o-ring and apply o-ring lube or vaseline. Prime the pump, if necessary, and turn on the pump motor, bypassing the filter. Run the pump 24 hours a day until you begin regular maintenance procedures. You may be able to vacuum out remaining debris to waste or filter. You may want to close off the main drain to prevent clogging. Continue to bypass the filter until you are ready to add flocculent. You may need to clean the pump impeller if you think it is clogged.
* Add 1 Gallon of muriatic acid for every 15K gallons. Mix in by brushing or allow time for one complete water turnover (2 - 4 hours)
* Add 1 - 32 oz sodium bromide for every 15K gallons
* Add 1 - 2 1/2 gallons of liquid chlorine for every 10K gallons. Don't be bashful, more is better.
* Add phosphate remover according to directions. I prefer the Seaklear brand.
* Install 2 floating chlorine dispensers full of 3" chlortabs, up to 30K gallons
* Put chlortabs in the skimmer(s)
* Brush entire pool surfaces for 1 to 2 days while running the pump continuously without the cartridge (or otherwise bypassing the filter)
* Turn off pump and allow debris to settle to the bottom. Vacuum debris through your pump and filter or vacuum to waste. Clean your filter and pump basket
* Continue to vacuum, brush, and clean the filter daily until you can see the main drain at the deep end. Re shock and add sodium bromide as needed. Check chlorine and pH levels. Keep chlorine at 20 ppm and pH at 7.2 or lower
* Add a double dose of flocculent - read the directions on the container - and vacuum to waste or filter the following day. A clarifier may be useful in the final stage of cleanup. Repeat as needed. Natural Chemistry's "Pool First Aid", available at Pinch a Penny, helps with the final stages of clean up. * Some pools are stubborn, you just have to keep at it
* When water is clear begin regular maintenance procedures