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Why is my pool cleaned during bad weather?

Most full time pool cleaners have a route of around 50 pools, and clean 10 or so a day, 5 days a week. On bad weather days, the cleaner will do what he or she can, usually adjust the chemicals, add extra chlorine, remove most debris, and check the equipment. When the weather clears, typically the next week, the cleaner will resume normal cleaning.

There aren't enough hours in the day or days in the week for a full time pool cleaner to wait until the weather clears to clean the pools on their route. Often they will work on Saturday and even Sunday to catch up, if necessary.

If you clean your own pool, you can wait until the weather is nice. A full time pool cleaner doesn't have that luxury. He or she has to do the best they can, and do a little more on each pool when the weather improves.

A good pool cleaner is not only concerned with the look of the pool, but also the health of the pool. They are more concerned about the health of the pool during bad weather.

Most pool owners who have used a cleaning service for very long know that the cleaner does the best they can in bad weather and makes the pool beautiful again when the weather is better.